Does Water Damage Decrease Home Value?

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Keeping Your Home Safe

Before you purchased your home, you likely had a thorough investigation completed ensuring that your potential future home is worth the money you would be paying for it. After investing in the home, you now must maintain the integrity of the house under all conditions and through various types of disasters or problems. Home insurance provides you with a resource in the event of a serious occurrence such as a fire, a fallen tree, or some other unexpected happening. One of the most severe things that can happen to your home is the presence of water damage from one source or another.

Water Damages Your Home and Its Value

Water damage can develop from many different sources. If there is serious inclement weather that causes flooding, your basement could fill with inches or even feet of standing, stagnant water. If there is a large amount of snow on your roof or an ice dam builds up in the eaves and gutters, the melting snow can potentially leak into your roof, and moisture can remain in the attic, the insulation, ceilings, and other areas connected to the roof. When it is left unchecked, the moisture or dampness (even if there are no pools) can cause serious damage. Even damage from your home’s internal sources of water such as leaking pipes or an overflowing tub or toilet can lead to serious water damage.

If there has been any kind of damage related to water in or around your home, it is integral that you have the proper service people attend to the damage before it worsens. A certified, licensed plumber should inspect your pipes, tub, shower, and toilet while a qualified roofer should see to the issues on your roof. Repairs, regular maintenance, and prevention techniques should all be employed as soon as possible to prevent severe damage that can affect the resale value of your home.

When a potential buyer finds out that the house has been negatively affected by water damage, they are much less likely to invest their money into the home unless they are positive that the damage has been repaired and the cause removed. They will also likely be concerned about the issue that is often connected to water damage – mold.

The Connection between Mold and Water Damage

Given the proper conditions including standing water or consistent moisture, darkness, and consistent temperatures, mold is very likely to develop. Small areas of mold that may grow in a shower area can easily be remedied by the homeowner with little to no after-effects. Serious mold growth in the ceiling, walls, insulation, or other major areas of the home can have disastrous effects on the structure and foundation of the home. Mold remediation needs to happen as soon as the mold is detected to ensure that the home can be saved from a mold infestation. Only a professional mold remediation team can ensure that your mold problem and the water issue that started it have been eliminated from your home.

Disclosing Water Damage to Potential Buyers

If you decide that the time is right to sell your home, there are certain requirements and laws you have to follow concerning the disclosure of water damage and mold to potential buyers. The best idea (even if you are not selling the house) is to have a professional inspection done to look for signs of water damage and mold in the home. This is the only way to know for sure and to keep your family (or the family of the buyer) safe while living in the home.

For most people who are looking for their next home, they are very likely to turn and run from a home that has tested positive for mold and/or been affected by water damage. Your home is probably the biggest investment you will make throughout your life, so it is integral that you are aware of any water damage or mold issues and have them taken care of immediately by a professional water damage restoration company.

Contact Our Water Damage Restoration Experts

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Whether the source is from a broken or leaky pipe, a toilet or sink overflow, a slab leak, refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine, or flooded basement, attic, or crawlspace due to storms, we will find the source, stop the flooding, and provide full extraction and structural drying, including thoroughly drying your wet carpet and hardwood floors.  Then, we provide full damage restoration and rebuild.  Our crew will get to you before the damage sets in, preventing far costlier repairs, and salvage as much of your property as possible.

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