Dos and Don’ts After a House Fire

house fire at night

Dealing With Disaster

Did you know that house fires are a leading disaster factor in the Southern Region of the United States? This is a condition or event that creates issues throughout the entire house and can come with a lot of costs. It can have an effect on your health and your property. It is always helpful to have a checklist of the dos and don’ts after a house fire.

Here is What You Must Think About After a House Fire

Ensure that Your Family is Safe and Secure

This is the first step on your mind during the incident and after the incident. But it is essential to remember that during a house fire and even after a house fire, you can find yourself in a world of mental hurt.

Many people find themselves in different mental states during and after an incident and can forget to conduct activities that seem highly necessary.

It is no surprise that many people merely forget about activities that seem pretty pertinent when under duress. Ensure to keep this step in your mind and check that your family is safe and secure immediately after a house fire. Of course, it is not only a hectic event for you but for your family or roommates as well. It does not matter what age people are. A fire is a disaster event that can leave mental scars for a while.

Remember to call family members who were not present in the situation to let them know about your status, health, and overall condition to be aware of your present state of being. It is essential to call them whether they are local or not so you can have other people share this burden with you and have someone to lean on. If you find that you must go somewhere else for the moment, ensure to call friends or acquaintances that wouldn’t mind hosting you and your family for a day or two. It is always good to have someone or a group of people you can rely upon after a tragic event.

It may be a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor to ensure that everything is fine for your family and that everyone is in good health.

Do not forget about this critical aspect as it can create much more stress over the long term.

Do Not Go Right Back To The House Immediately After the Fire Incident

A few individuals have a tendency to want to save items after a fire incident. They might think that everything is alright after the fire department extinguishes a fire. But the truth is that the fire can re-start. The fire department must provide you with a clear signal stating that everything is fine before you can move forward. Even then, you want to avoid being in a place that has been affected by fire because it can be quite dangerous. For instance, the structure could be affected, floors may break, and the roof may not be stable, either.

When you do go into your property, make sure to retrieve valuables like government paperwork and leave other items there.

Contact Your Insurance Representative to File an Insurance Claim

Remember that you are responsible for contacting your insurance representative and explaining what happened. You want to ensure that is a to-do on your list of action items. Indeed, this should be the second item on your agenda after taking care of your health. It is best to reach out to your insurance company as soon as possible to minimize any potential issues in processing the claim. The sooner you can get this process started, the better off you are.

It is quite necessary to start the communication process with your insurance company as quickly as possible so that they can come and conduct an assessment. You want to ensure that these professionals will start their inspection, information collation, and process initialization.

Your respective insurance company will assign the right agent to your case and ensure that they are quite capable of moving this process along and providing you with the financial assistance you require to get back to normal.

Can You Recover Your Home or Do You Have to Re-Build?

This question is one that you must answer as quickly as possible by working with your insurance company and restoration company partners like the Emergency Response Team to understand the state of your home in Nashville, TN.

Did you know that house fires can range from over 150 degrees to at least 550 degrees in some areas? Yes, house fires can certainly get out of hand and be quite dangerous. That kind of heat can affect your cardiovascular system, your home’s structure, and certainly, affect your house in several ways. Indeed, it can even affect critical areas of the house that cost quite a bit.

The insurance adjuster should be able to provide you with quite a bit of information on the fire damage and help you understand how you can move forward. They have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to let you know if your home needs minor repairs or will require much more work to get back to normal.

If it will require repairs and replacement, then that is where restoration company professionals like the Emergency Response Team will step into the picture and conduct professional fire damage restoration services that range from cleaning to overall restoration. These restoration services professionals in Nashville, TN, know how to deal with the issues that heat, smoke, and soot bring to the table. But these professionals can also take care of water mitigation as well. Did you know that water issues can also occur due to a fire? The issue with water is that it can cause mold and can affect your health further. That is why it is necessary to deal with fire issues and water issues within your home in many cases.

The right professionals in Nashville, TN, know how to approach your project and take care of each aspect for the best results.

Note Your Valuables and General Items

The best practice is to ensure that you have a list of valuable items and general items before the fire. If you are able to be thorough about all of the items that have value within your home before a fire and can upload it to your Google Drive or iCloud account, you can be sure to be ready in a situation like this one.

But if you do not have such a list, ensure to make one and address the items that should fall under coverage. The more information you can give your insurance company, the smoother the claims process.

The Overall Home Restoration Process

It is not easy dealing with all of these events in the aftermath of a fire. But that is why it is essential for you to work with various partners to ensure that you do not have to shoulder the burden alone. Remember that you must work with your insurance company and restoration partners like Emergency Response Team in Nashville, TN, to move forward effectively.

fireman extinguishing a house fire

Final Thoughts

Recall that experienced professionals will ensure to work with all stakeholders in the situation, from the fire department to the insurance company and the homeowner to understand the current state before moving forward.

Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you with your house restoration. We will be pleased to help you get your house and get back to normal.