Why You Shouldn’t Try to Do Your Own Water Damage Restoration

man next to a water damaged wall making a phone call

Why Choose Professionals?

If your home or business has recently been affected by flooding, you might be thinking about all of the work that you have ahead of you. You might assume that you’re going to be better off handling all of the work yourself, especially if you are trying to keep costs low. However, it is generally a much better idea to hire a professional team that specializes in tackling water damage Nashville, TN. These are a few reasons why you shouldn’t try to do it yourself.

It Can Be Dangerous

Water damage restoration might not seem like a dangerous job, but it can be. You might find yourself in contact with things that have been contaminated by various contaminants in the water, for example, or there could be sharp or otherwise harmful items hidden in the water, where you can’t see it. Plus, you could have to worry about electrical problems, snakes, mold spores and more. Leaving the job up to a team that knows what they are doing can be a much safer choice if you aren’t experienced in water damage restoration yourself.

It’s a Lot More Work Than You Might Think

Many people don’t realize just how much work it can be to clean up a home that has been flooded. However, you have to worry about cleaning up all of the water, cleaning the entire home, moving heavy furniture and other heavy items, potentially pulling up carpet and flooring and more. It’s not something that you’ll probably want to do without any help.

Water Damage Restoration is Incredibly Time-Consuming

If you think that you’ll be able to handle your water damage clean-up in a weekend, you might be not-so-pleasantly surprised. The truth is that the process of cleaning everything up, extracting water, allowing everything to dry and otherwise restoring your home after a flood can be a lot more time-consuming than you might think. It’s not something that you can easily tackle on the weekend or after work, so you might have to hire a team to get it done if you have a busy schedule.

You Probably Don’t Have the Right Equipment

Even if you have a wet-dry vacuum that you are planning on using, you should know that a water damage restoration team has more and better equipment that can be used to more effectively get rid of as much water as possible in your home and your furnishings and other belongings. Hiring a team can be more effective than trying to rent this equipment and using it yourself.

You Might Toss Items That Could’ve Been Saved

One common mistake that a lot of people make when dealing with water damage in the home is throwing items away that could’ve been saved. Many things can be saved even after they have gotten wet, even if it does not seem like it. A water damage restoration team can come in and try to salvage as much as possible, which can save you money and prevent you from losing things that money can’t replace.

moldy, water-damaged wallpaper

You Might Have to Worry About Mold

Another thing that you have to think about is the possibility of mold growing in your home after a flood. A water damage restoration team can identify mold spores and eliminate them, even if you aren’t able to see them easily.

As you can probably see, water damage restoration probably isn’t something that you’ll want to try to take care of on your own. Instead, consider looking for a professional company that specializes in taking care of water damage in Nashville, TN  for these reasons and more. Call at (615) 525-9075 to learn more.

Does Water Damage Decrease Home Value?

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Keeping Your Home Safe

Before you purchased your home, you likely had a thorough investigation completed ensuring that your potential future home is worth the money you would be paying for it. After investing in the home, you now must maintain the integrity of the house under all conditions and through various types of disasters or problems. Home insurance provides you with a resource in the event of a serious occurrence such as a fire, a fallen tree, or some other unexpected happening. One of the most severe things that can happen to your home is the presence of water damage from one source or another.

Water Damages Your Home and Its Value

Water damage can develop from many different sources. If there is serious inclement weather that causes flooding, your basement could fill with inches or even feet of standing, stagnant water. If there is a large amount of snow on your roof or an ice dam builds up in the eaves and gutters, the melting snow can potentially leak into your roof, and moisture can remain in the attic, the insulation, ceilings, and other areas connected to the roof. When it is left unchecked, the moisture or dampness (even if there are no pools) can cause serious damage. Even damage from your home’s internal sources of water such as leaking pipes or an overflowing tub or toilet can lead to serious water damage.

If there has been any kind of damage related to water in or around your home, it is integral that you have the proper service people attend to the damage before it worsens. A certified, licensed plumber should inspect your pipes, tub, shower, and toilet while a qualified roofer should see to the issues on your roof. Repairs, regular maintenance, and prevention techniques should all be employed as soon as possible to prevent severe damage that can affect the resale value of your home.

When a potential buyer finds out that the house has been negatively affected by water damage, they are much less likely to invest their money into the home unless they are positive that the damage has been repaired and the cause removed. They will also likely be concerned about the issue that is often connected to water damage – mold.

The Connection between Mold and Water Damage

Given the proper conditions including standing water or consistent moisture, darkness, and consistent temperatures, mold is very likely to develop. Small areas of mold that may grow in a shower area can easily be remedied by the homeowner with little to no after-effects. Serious mold growth in the ceiling, walls, insulation, or other major areas of the home can have disastrous effects on the structure and foundation of the home. Mold remediation needs to happen as soon as the mold is detected to ensure that the home can be saved from a mold infestation. Only a professional mold remediation team can ensure that your mold problem and the water issue that started it have been eliminated from your home.

Disclosing Water Damage to Potential Buyers

If you decide that the time is right to sell your home, there are certain requirements and laws you have to follow concerning the disclosure of water damage and mold to potential buyers. The best idea (even if you are not selling the house) is to have a professional inspection done to look for signs of water damage and mold in the home. This is the only way to know for sure and to keep your family (or the family of the buyer) safe while living in the home.

For most people who are looking for their next home, they are very likely to turn and run from a home that has tested positive for mold and/or been affected by water damage. Your home is probably the biggest investment you will make throughout your life, so it is integral that you are aware of any water damage or mold issues and have them taken care of immediately by a professional water damage restoration company.

Contact Our Water Damage Restoration Experts

If your home has been affected by water damage, don’t wait! Call the experts. Emergency Response Team of Nashville is a complete water damage restoration company specializing in professional cleanup and repair of residential and commercial properties. What sets us apart from all the rest? The experts at the Emergency Response Team of Nashville always put your needs first. That means our Damage Restoration Technicians are available 24/7, 365-days-a-year, and we promise to have a team to your location in 45 minutes or less. We understand how stressful a water damage situation can be, and our goal is to help you through it as effectively as possible. We have the training and skills needed to assess your home, stop the water leakage, and provide restoration quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to your normal life.

Whether the source is from a broken or leaky pipe, a toilet or sink overflow, a slab leak, refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine, or flooded basement, attic, or crawlspace due to storms, we will find the source, stop the flooding, and provide full extraction and structural drying, including thoroughly drying your wet carpet and hardwood floors.  Then, we provide full damage restoration and rebuild.  Our crew will get to you before the damage sets in, preventing far costlier repairs, and salvage as much of your property as possible.

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Call Our Team

With over 35 years of experience as restoration industry leaders, there is nothing that we can’t repair. Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians are simply the best in the business. Advanced training and certification and an unsurpassed work ethic mean fast, excellent results for any problem you are facing. We continually educate our teams and maintain our Damage Restoration Operation with the latest industrial and environmental standards in mind. For more information about our water cleanup and restoration services, contact us at (615) 525-9075 anytime!

Reasons Water Damage Should Be Taken Seriously

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Dealing With Water Damage

Whether a hurricane has hit your home or you have a leaking washing machine or burst pipes, water damage is not something to be taken lightly. Floodwaters and storms can pump a huge amount of water into your home, forcing you to complete water extraction, water damage restoration, and water damage repairs.

Why Is Water Damage Bad?

Water damage is difficult to deal with and poses several challenges to homeowners and professional water damage repair services. Water damage is often challenging to discover and might be happening within your foundation, wall, or roof. Only regular inspections by a trained professional can spot such issues.

Once water makes its way into your home via storm or flooding, it is hard to prevent it from reaching everything. The extent of the damage is often far worse than initially thought, and the time it will take to clean up and restore might be longer than you expect. It also requires swift intervention, as the spread of the damage can be quick and difficult to control.

To eliminate any future issues and problems, you must thoroughly take care of water damage and use specialized equipment, including dehumidifiers and fans, to dry the property entirely to avoid mildew and mold growth. Flooring and carpet replacements are almost always necessary when a home suffers significant water damage.

Problems That Arise If Water Damage Is Ignored

If you spot any signs of leaks and water damage in your home, it is time to react and call a professional service to take care of the problem. By leaving the problem unattended, you risk:

  • Structural damage to your home. Water can quickly get into all of your home’s cracks and nooks and can cause severe damage to the foundation or walls, resulting in expensive repairs.
  • Adverse effects on your health. A home that suffers from water damage is a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can cause significant health problems for those suffering from asthma or eczema.
  • Foul odors and smells. As water interacts with porous materials in the foundation and construction of your home, it causes reactions that will lead to mold, rotting, and decomposition. The side-effect is a strong, foul stench that will render your home untenable. Flood damage often comes with category 1 water or black water, which carries contaminants.
  • Damages to infrastructure and installations. An unattended water leak or damage could make its way to your electrical installation, causing shorts or even starting a fire that poses a massive threat to the well-being of people living in the home and the property.
  • Losing your homeowner insurance and flood insurance coverage. If you do not react once you spot the water leaks and damage, your insurance company might refuse to reimburse you for any further damages, causing a severe hit to your home budget.
worker fixing a water damaged ceiling

Contact Our Nashville Water Damage Restoration Company

Has your home been recently hit by a heavy tropical storm or flooding? Maybe you have noticed some water leaks in your home or minor signs of water damage? Do not hesitate to contact Emergency Response Team for water damage restoration in Nashville, TN. Ignoring water damage could have potentially disastrous consequences for your property and the people living in it.

We provide professional water damage restoration services in the Nashville, TN area. Our team of water damage experts is available on call 24/7 at (615) 525-9075. Protect your property and loved ones by making sure that your home is free from water damage today!

Dos and Don’ts After a House Fire

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Dealing With Disaster

Did you know that house fires are a leading disaster factor in the Southern Region of the United States? This is a condition or event that creates issues throughout the entire house and can come with a lot of costs. It can have an effect on your health and your property. It is always helpful to have a checklist of the dos and don’ts after a house fire.

Here is What You Must Think About After a House Fire

Ensure that Your Family is Safe and Secure

This is the first step on your mind during the incident and after the incident. But it is essential to remember that during a house fire and even after a house fire, you can find yourself in a world of mental hurt.

Many people find themselves in different mental states during and after an incident and can forget to conduct activities that seem highly necessary.

It is no surprise that many people merely forget about activities that seem pretty pertinent when under duress. Ensure to keep this step in your mind and check that your family is safe and secure immediately after a house fire. Of course, it is not only a hectic event for you but for your family or roommates as well. It does not matter what age people are. A fire is a disaster event that can leave mental scars for a while.

Remember to call family members who were not present in the situation to let them know about your status, health, and overall condition to be aware of your present state of being. It is essential to call them whether they are local or not so you can have other people share this burden with you and have someone to lean on. If you find that you must go somewhere else for the moment, ensure to call friends or acquaintances that wouldn’t mind hosting you and your family for a day or two. It is always good to have someone or a group of people you can rely upon after a tragic event.

It may be a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor to ensure that everything is fine for your family and that everyone is in good health.

Do not forget about this critical aspect as it can create much more stress over the long term.

Do Not Go Right Back To The House Immediately After the Fire Incident

A few individuals have a tendency to want to save items after a fire incident. They might think that everything is alright after the fire department extinguishes a fire. But the truth is that the fire can re-start. The fire department must provide you with a clear signal stating that everything is fine before you can move forward. Even then, you want to avoid being in a place that has been affected by fire because it can be quite dangerous. For instance, the structure could be affected, floors may break, and the roof may not be stable, either.

When you do go into your property, make sure to retrieve valuables like government paperwork and leave other items there.

Contact Your Insurance Representative to File an Insurance Claim

Remember that you are responsible for contacting your insurance representative and explaining what happened. You want to ensure that is a to-do on your list of action items. Indeed, this should be the second item on your agenda after taking care of your health. It is best to reach out to your insurance company as soon as possible to minimize any potential issues in processing the claim. The sooner you can get this process started, the better off you are.

It is quite necessary to start the communication process with your insurance company as quickly as possible so that they can come and conduct an assessment. You want to ensure that these professionals will start their inspection, information collation, and process initialization.

Your respective insurance company will assign the right agent to your case and ensure that they are quite capable of moving this process along and providing you with the financial assistance you require to get back to normal.

Can You Recover Your Home or Do You Have to Re-Build?

This question is one that you must answer as quickly as possible by working with your insurance company and restoration company partners like the Emergency Response Team to understand the state of your home in Nashville, TN.

Did you know that house fires can range from over 150 degrees to at least 550 degrees in some areas? Yes, house fires can certainly get out of hand and be quite dangerous. That kind of heat can affect your cardiovascular system, your home’s structure, and certainly, affect your house in several ways. Indeed, it can even affect critical areas of the house that cost quite a bit.

The insurance adjuster should be able to provide you with quite a bit of information on the fire damage and help you understand how you can move forward. They have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to let you know if your home needs minor repairs or will require much more work to get back to normal.

If it will require repairs and replacement, then that is where restoration company professionals like the Emergency Response Team will step into the picture and conduct professional fire damage restoration services that range from cleaning to overall restoration. These restoration services professionals in Nashville, TN, know how to deal with the issues that heat, smoke, and soot bring to the table. But these professionals can also take care of water mitigation as well. Did you know that water issues can also occur due to a fire? The issue with water is that it can cause mold and can affect your health further. That is why it is necessary to deal with fire issues and water issues within your home in many cases.

The right professionals in Nashville, TN, know how to approach your project and take care of each aspect for the best results.

Note Your Valuables and General Items

The best practice is to ensure that you have a list of valuable items and general items before the fire. If you are able to be thorough about all of the items that have value within your home before a fire and can upload it to your Google Drive or iCloud account, you can be sure to be ready in a situation like this one.

But if you do not have such a list, ensure to make one and address the items that should fall under coverage. The more information you can give your insurance company, the smoother the claims process.

The Overall Home Restoration Process

It is not easy dealing with all of these events in the aftermath of a fire. But that is why it is essential for you to work with various partners to ensure that you do not have to shoulder the burden alone. Remember that you must work with your insurance company and restoration partners like Emergency Response Team in Nashville, TN, to move forward effectively.

fireman extinguishing a house fire

Final Thoughts

Recall that experienced professionals will ensure to work with all stakeholders in the situation, from the fire department to the insurance company and the homeowner to understand the current state before moving forward.

Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you with your house restoration. We will be pleased to help you get your house and get back to normal.

Signs of Water Damage in Your Basement

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The Dangers of Water Damage

As a homeowner, it is vitally important for you to know the signs of water damage in your basement. Water damage caused by heavy rainfall or leaking pipes can facilitate the growth of bacteria and mold, which can put the health of your family and the state of your building at risk. As such, being able to detect water damage in your basement can help you protect your family’s health and prevent minor problems from morphing into disruptive and costly repairs.

Are you suspecting that your basement is water-damaged? Do not worry. We will show you the causes of basement water damage, what you can do about it, and how you can prevent future leaks. Emergency Response Team (ERT) General Contractors continue to provide water damage restoration both locally and across the nation, a service that makes our contacts invaluable.  

Causes of Basement Water Damage

1. Pressure Enters the Washing Machine

Water gets into your water machine because its supply lines are constantly under pressure. Older PVC lines or rubber wear out and tear, turning your basement into a flood zone. To avoid this potential mess, we recommend replacing old supply lines with braided stainless steel.

2. Your AC Wets the Ceiling

The AC sucks the humidity out of the air and condenses it into its overflow pan, which converts moisture into the water, which is released via the condensate line. If this drainage system stops working, the results are soaked ceilings and wet floors.

3. Improperly Sealed Floors and Walls

When constructing or modeling a house, constructors must use a sealant to make the walls and floor of the basement watertight. Failure to do so encourages water leakage and flooding. To avoid this, we recommend regularly maintaining your basement floors and walls, and sealing any openings or cracks you find.

4. Blocked Drains

Your bathtub, bathroom floor, and kitchen sink drain clog up for various reasons such as hair and grease buildup, toiletries, toys, or materials like kitty litter, cotton balls, or medication that could block the drainpipe and interfere with normal drainage. If not addressed immediately, blocked drains can back up and cause flooding and water damage in your basement.

5. Leaking Water Heater

If your water heater is old, improperly installed, or poorly maintained, it will likely spring a leak. At times, the leak is caused by excess tank pressure. When your water heater leaks, you should expect your basement, where your water heater likely is, to flood up quickly.

6. Faulty Sprinkler Systems

During a fire, an activated sprinkler system will save your life and your property. However, there have been incidents in Nashville, TN where old sprinkler systems have activated on their own without the slightest indication of a fire. Water damage from a faulty sprinkler system can cause considerable damage to your property and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

We know that you can single-handedly handle most DIY projects in your home; however, when it comes to handling water damage, you need skilled professionals. Our water damage restoration services will get your basement looking as new as it did when you first moved into your home. Our professionals handle everything from drywall replacement and water removal to mold removal and disaster repairs. When you want professional cleanup and restoration services in Nashville, TN, give us a call and we will get working to repair and restore the affected areas.

What to Do if You Notice Signs of Water Damage in Your Basement

1. Identify the Cause of the Damage

Locate the source of water damage in your basement. After this, take pictures to help you monitor the progression of the damage.

2. Inform Your Homeowner’s Association

After identifying the source of water damage, call the body responsible for constructing, maintaining, and remodeling your property. Homeowners associations in Nashville, TN usually offer insurance covering water damage caused by pre-existing plumbing issues and ruptured pipes.

3. Call Your Insurance Company

Depending on your insurance plan, you may be reimbursed for the remediation and repairs. Most homeowners’ insurance plans in Nashville, TN have certain restrictions; therefore, you need to be very detailed when talking to your insurance company.

Note down the repairs they cover to ensure that your coverage rights are protected.

4. Contact a Water Damage Restoration/Remediation Expert

Remediation experts resolve water damage quickly. Most homeowners’ associations in Nashville put homeowners in touch with remediation experts; however, you should ensure that the water damage restoration company is legitimate before allowing them into your home.

Immediate action is crucial when you notice signs of water damage in your basement. Our professionals respond immediately and use advanced water restoration techniques and equipment to rid your basement of water and restore any affected areas. These water restoration techniques and equipment further suction standing water quickly, detect hidden moisture, and meticulously dry and clean your home. Contact Emergency Response Team today for premium water cleanup and water damage restoration services. We are available 24 hours a day and are ready to get to work to repair your entire basement in the soonest time possible.

Preventing Future Leaks and Water Damage

 1. Inspect Your Roof

One of the main ways that water damage can occur in your home is through the roof. Inspect your roof for holes and replace any loose or missing shingles. Also, clean off any ice buildup during winter as ice can melt and seep into your walls when it gets warmer.

2. Do Not Pour Fat or Grease down Your Sink

Pour grease and fat into an empty container and dispose of it. Also, do not put down materials such as eggshells, produce stickers, or coffee grounds. Your pipes will thank you.

3. Monitor Your Water Bill

Take a close look at your water bill. If your usage goes up significantly, without a reasonable explanation, you may have a mystery water leak.

4. Install a Water Detection Device

A water detector alerts you when it is in contact with moisture. It effectively detects slow leaks and high moisture levels that can go unnoticed. Install a water detection device near your washing machine, water heater, toilet, or dishwasher to prevent mold growth and extensive damage.

If your Nashville home or business has suffered water damage, we understand what you are undergoing. Our water damage restoration team will repair your home or business and return it to its pristine state. Even though we cannot replace the items damaged by water, we will do a great job at everything from drywall replacement and carpet cleanup to damage repair, storm damage restoration, room water removal, and mold remediation. At the Emergency Response Team, our greatest satisfaction is providing our water damage repair services to you and restoring your home or business. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Your Professional Water Damage Restoration Company

It can be as minor as a leaking pipe to as disastrous as a flood. Whatever the source, water damage can destroy your floors, walls, and furniture, and cause the structure of your home to sink further into the ground. Failure to address water damage immediately can put your family at risk of electrocution or disease spreading mold. Do not allow your family to fall ill or get electrocuted! Also, do not allow yourself to fall behind on any work projects.

The ERT Team can start damage repair and dry out all affected areas. We can handle all sizes of water breaches from storm flooding to sewage backup. Our goal is to thoroughly suction every ounce of moisture from your room to minimize the risk of baseboard warping and mold. Our professionals also provide specialty cleaning for hazardous materials.

moisture along a brick wall

Call for Restoration Services

We are available 24 hours a day and offer a comprehensive set of options for every type of disaster. Our services are also cost-effective compared to other companies in Nashville; so, you do not have to break the bank to have us help you with any disaster.

Call us today for a free estimate. We will get the job done as soon as possible and leave your room looking like nothing ever happened.

Common Mold Misconceptions

close-up of an individual peeling back moldy wallpaper

What do you know about mold?

Homeowners in Nashville, TN love homes free from Mold infestation. However, many homes have had this problem especially after and during winter. Have you complained or heard your friend complain about mold growth in their homes? Mold is a microorganism that is found everywhere and can grow on anything moist enough. Lucky for you, the Emergency Response Team is here to solve this problem permanently.

In your homes, molds grow quickly around windows and porous surfaces like bathroom walls. Molds can look like specks of white, orange, brown, or green, black stains, and furry growth.  If molds are in your home, they would send clouds of invisible bits of spores through the air. The bits can cause allergies, asthma, infections, and various breathing problems. Even the healthiest of individuals can become sick due to the spores. In avoiding these problems, homeowners need to ensure they keep their homes mold-free. It’s important to take note of the different types of mold that can affect a home.  

The more people live in one home in Nashville, the more likely for molds to grow. That results from the moisture released in the air while breathing affecting the air quality. When we cook with uncovered pots, dry clothes on an indoor clothesline, take long hot showers and make use of humidifiers, we create a healthy ground that is moist for molds to grow.  Likewise storing many vegetables like squash, and storing wet firewood can increase the likelihood of a mold problem.

It is easy to identify if you have a problem with molds. Any part of your home that gets wet is likely to be moldy and you can call for assistance. Check for the following:

Check on Plumbing and leaks in your roof for mold in your home. When water is trapped under the carpet or inside the wall, mold may grow there but it cannot always be seen. Ensure that your rugs and walls don’t have a strong musty smell or light strain. You can call a certified company that would help rectify the condition by getting the best and most visible solutions from them.

Water damage around your doors and windows on the outside part of your house. In winter, moist air changes to water on these cooler surfaces and provides a healthy ground for molds to grow. 

Exposed mold on the ceiling, carpet, walls, books, and newspaper piles. Ensure that these areas are well aerated. You will find satisfaction if these areas in your home are dry but you need to identify and ensure that these areas remain dry.

Common Misconceptions about Mold

Mold is common in many households but surprisingly there are many misconceptions about them. For assistance, you can call or contact the mold remediation experts at the emergency response team that would help you unearth the truth about molds. To clear up the confusion, here is a simple guide on the misconceptions about mold that homeowners should address.

Mold is rare. In essence, mold is part of our daily lives and can survive on different materials. Spores that are invisible to the human eye require specific conditions of organic matter, and humidity to take hold and grow. Trying to get rid of molds completely is not an option but preventing them from setting foot in your homes is the best solution.  Is mold in your home a problem?

Mold is toxic. A common misconception because molds may not technically be toxic but that does not mean that they cannot be dangerous and cause individual harm especially the toxic mold. It is only when the molds feed on materials that are harmful when broken down by spores and considered toxigenic for them to be toxic and affect your health. At this level, the mold would have altered the air quality, making it unsafe for individuals to breathe especially those with the risk of respiratory problems. Therefore, not all mold is a health hazard but knowing which can or cannot make you sick is impossible.

You can fix it yourself. Many websites advise people to scrub molds away with the use of some bleach however, the suggestion has some limitations. The method can only remove the seen mold colony but the household bleach cannot penetrate the deep porous materials where the mold has established itself. Furthermore, bleach breaks down the surface on which the spreading of mold takes place hence providing more food matter for the colony on exposure.

Mold is dangerous if only it’s black mold. It is not all dark-shaded molds that produce toxic materials and not all toxigenic molds are black. Color and toxicity are not related since molds that are dangerous to your health can be yellow, white, brown, or green while some black mold could be less harmful. The only way of knowing the type of mold is to call a professional who can analyze the samples.

After a water leak, worry about mold. Even though organic matter and humidity are the primary factors for mold growth, it’s easy to assume that homes with water damage would be at risk. However, humid conditions could arise with no proper ventilation in your homes like the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. This is a common misconception.

Facts and Myths About Mold

Discovering the presence of mold in your home could be unsettling but it’s good to distinguish between facts and myths about molds.

Myth. Mold has no benefit

Truth. Mold can affect your health from long-term exposure but some molds can be beneficial. Some help in decomposing organic material that allows other organisms to grow, medicine, and cheese production.

Myth. There is no mold in my home

Truth. Mold spores are present everywhere and this myth is not true. The breath you breathe contains mold spores, therefore, making it impossible to eliminate them.

Myth. The use of bleach can be the best way to kill mold.

Truth. Most people use bleach in mold removal from their homes. However, bleach kills only live molds but spares mold spores. Unfortunately, removing mold with water and bleach allows mold to regrow faster.

Myth. When the mold is gone, it will not resurface

Truth. The only way of preventing mold from returning to your home, whether indoors or outdoors, is to check the water problem that caused the mold to initially grow. Our team of professionals would be well suited to do this kind of job and undo the myth.

Myth. You can always see the mold

Truth. If you do not see it, it does not mean that it is not there because not all types of molds are visible. You can entirely depend on the smell to detect molds.

Mold is a serious problem especially when misunderstood and can grow into a problematic condition when not taken care of in good time. You can call or contact the mold remediation experts at the Emergency Response Team that would ensure the entire problem is taken care of.

How to Stop Mold from Growing

Proper ventilation of your property

Airing is the ideal way of preventing signs of molds in your home or your metal and commercial roofing. It would be also important to use a dehumidifier in ventilating your home or seeking services from a professional.

Ensure wet areas are dried

Mold cannot grow without moisture hence ensuring that any leaks or water spills are quickly managed especially on flat areas within your residence. Drying the tiles and walls can help prevent the growth of molds in your property.

Use mold-resistant products

In the prevention of mold, use mold-resistant products, especially during home renovations. That will help in the prevention and kill any type of mold on your property.

Heating prevents mold growth

Many people would prefer to save on the cost of heating however, prevention of toxic molds calls for constant heating. When you want to avoid molds from your home, then avoid having rooms that have completely cooled. 

Repair and clean roof gutters

A persistent mold problem could result from damage to a tile, the gutters, and leakages. Therefore, the gutters and roof need to be frequently inspected to check for any damages.

worker providing mold removal services

Final Thoughts

Every home and homeowner would love to have a home free from molds. However, when molds in your home become an issue, you need to get rid of them. Different types of molds can affect your home based on the conditions that present themselves but you can contact our service providers in Nashville, TN who would help by giving a free inspection and estimate of the cost that would help get rid of the molds from your home and get a permanent solution.

Keep Water Damage at Bay With ERT

woman holding a blue bucket under a leaking ceiling

Dealing With Water Damage

Although it is one of the most abundant natural resources on the planet, water can be a major source of contention for some people. Water damage has the potential to save lives and wreck homes. Living in Tennessee means you’re no stranger to storms and flooding. To protect your home so that it can continue to protect your most cherished loved ones and possessions, you need to know who to call if your home is ever compromised by water.

Know where your water access vales are. Even if you have no intentions of ever using them, this knowledge could prove to be very invaluable if you ever have to worry about excess water leaking into your home.

Check your sump pump. All too often it is assumed that this component of your home’s sewage system is in good working condition when it really is not. Have it inspected and serviced at least twice a year. More so if your area has been experiencing a large amount of flooding due to inclement weather.

Make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy is up to date. To avoid having an unpleasant surprise in your time of need, you should make sure your property is insured against water and flood damage.

Keep your home clean and organized, even the areas and rooms that don’t get much use. Water damage can occur at anytime and anywhere. To limit the amount of your possessions that are affected by water, keep them properly stored somewhere neat and off the floor.

Invest in a wet-dry vac. You never know when you’ll need it. If an occasion arises where there is some water seeping into your home. You can minimize the amount that remains behind with a wet vac. Even if you manage to resolve your water leakage or flooding situation on your own, you should still contact your local water restoration experts. There may still be additional action that needs to be taken to ensure that your property isn’t affected by the lingering effects of water, such as mold growth.

flooded floor in a kitchen

Final Thoughts

For more information on how to cope with water damage and how to protect your home against it, feel free to check out our blog. For anything else, contact Emergency Response Team Fire & Flood at (615) 525-9075.

ERT Mold Removal to the Rescue

mold growth on a wall

The Dangers of Mold

One threat that all homeowners and business owners should be on the defense about is mold. It is a silent threat that can be present inside of any property. It does not matter how clean or disorganized your home may be if the right conditions are present, mold can grow and remain hidden inside of your home or business, endangering everyone’s health. To remedy the situation, you need a professional mold removal service.

Recognize the Signs of Mold

Here are some symptoms that may indicate the presence of mold.

  • Odd, musty and distinct odor. Mold has a very distinct smell that is hard to confuse with anything else.
  • Mold can grow behind many kinds of surfaces, including tile, drywall and baseboards. If notice pink, black or orange discolorations on your walls, they may have mold growing underneath them.

The presence of this substance is not one you can afford to ignore. The longer it remains, the harder and more expensive it is to get rid of and the more harm it can cause to your health. Mold remediation is a delicate process. Your home or office requires treatment to ensure that mold does not continue to grow. Once it has been eradicated, other measures may need to be taken to prevent the conditions that led to mold growth.

worker performing mold cleanup

Contact Your Local Mold Remediation Company for Assistance

Mold is not just something that homeowners and property owners who have experienced flooding and poor drainage issues have to worry about. It is a hazard that all property owners should be concerned about because it requires regular detection and remediation measures. If you happen to notice or suspect that your home or business has mold, contact ERT right away. A quick visit from us will provide you with all of the information and reassurance you need. We’ll inspect the premises and run some tests so we can inform you if have a valid mold concern or not. If the presence of mold is detected, the first step is to put together a plan of action for its removal.

Find out today if your property requires treatment. ERT is your local professional mold removal and remediation company. Once we get rid of it, we’ll treat your property to prevent future mold growth. Give us a call today at (615) 334-0093 to learn more about our water, fire and mold remediation services.