Keep Water Damage at Bay With ERT

woman holding a blue bucket under a leaking ceiling

Dealing With Water Damage

Although it is one of the most abundant natural resources on the planet, water can be a major source of contention for some people. Water damage has the potential to save lives and wreck homes. Living in Tennessee means you’re no stranger to storms and flooding. To protect your home so that it can continue to protect your most cherished loved ones and possessions, you need to know who to call if your home is ever compromised by water.

Know where your water access vales are. Even if you have no intentions of ever using them, this knowledge could prove to be very invaluable if you ever have to worry about excess water leaking into your home.

Check your sump pump. All too often it is assumed that this component of your home’s sewage system is in good working condition when it really is not. Have it inspected and serviced at least twice a year. More so if your area has been experiencing a large amount of flooding due to inclement weather.

Make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy is up to date. To avoid having an unpleasant surprise in your time of need, you should make sure your property is insured against water and flood damage.

Keep your home clean and organized, even the areas and rooms that don’t get much use. Water damage can occur at anytime and anywhere. To limit the amount of your possessions that are affected by water, keep them properly stored somewhere neat and off the floor.

Invest in a wet-dry vac. You never know when you’ll need it. If an occasion arises where there is some water seeping into your home. You can minimize the amount that remains behind with a wet vac. Even if you manage to resolve your water leakage or flooding situation on your own, you should still contact your local water restoration experts. There may still be additional action that needs to be taken to ensure that your property isn’t affected by the lingering effects of water, such as mold growth.

flooded floor in a kitchen

Final Thoughts

For more information on how to cope with water damage and how to protect your home against it, feel free to check out our blog. For anything else, contact Emergency Response Team Fire & Flood at (615) 525-9075.