Signs of Water Damage in Your Basement

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The Dangers of Water Damage

As a homeowner, it is vitally important for you to know the signs of water damage in your basement. Water damage caused by heavy rainfall or leaking pipes can facilitate the growth of bacteria and mold, which can put the health of your family and the state of your building at risk. As such, being able to detect water damage in your basement can help you protect your family’s health and prevent minor problems from morphing into disruptive and costly repairs.

Are you suspecting that your basement is water-damaged? Do not worry. We will show you the causes of basement water damage, what you can do about it, and how you can prevent future leaks. Emergency Response Team (ERT) General Contractors continue to provide water damage restoration both locally and across the nation, a service that makes our contacts invaluable.  

Causes of Basement Water Damage

1. Pressure Enters the Washing Machine

Water gets into your water machine because its supply lines are constantly under pressure. Older PVC lines or rubber wear out and tear, turning your basement into a flood zone. To avoid this potential mess, we recommend replacing old supply lines with braided stainless steel.

2. Your AC Wets the Ceiling

The AC sucks the humidity out of the air and condenses it into its overflow pan, which converts moisture into the water, which is released via the condensate line. If this drainage system stops working, the results are soaked ceilings and wet floors.

3. Improperly Sealed Floors and Walls

When constructing or modeling a house, constructors must use a sealant to make the walls and floor of the basement watertight. Failure to do so encourages water leakage and flooding. To avoid this, we recommend regularly maintaining your basement floors and walls, and sealing any openings or cracks you find.

4. Blocked Drains

Your bathtub, bathroom floor, and kitchen sink drain clog up for various reasons such as hair and grease buildup, toiletries, toys, or materials like kitty litter, cotton balls, or medication that could block the drainpipe and interfere with normal drainage. If not addressed immediately, blocked drains can back up and cause flooding and water damage in your basement.

5. Leaking Water Heater

If your water heater is old, improperly installed, or poorly maintained, it will likely spring a leak. At times, the leak is caused by excess tank pressure. When your water heater leaks, you should expect your basement, where your water heater likely is, to flood up quickly.

6. Faulty Sprinkler Systems

During a fire, an activated sprinkler system will save your life and your property. However, there have been incidents in Nashville, TN where old sprinkler systems have activated on their own without the slightest indication of a fire. Water damage from a faulty sprinkler system can cause considerable damage to your property and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

We know that you can single-handedly handle most DIY projects in your home; however, when it comes to handling water damage, you need skilled professionals. Our water damage restoration services will get your basement looking as new as it did when you first moved into your home. Our professionals handle everything from drywall replacement and water removal to mold removal and disaster repairs. When you want professional cleanup and restoration services in Nashville, TN, give us a call and we will get working to repair and restore the affected areas.

What to Do if You Notice Signs of Water Damage in Your Basement

1. Identify the Cause of the Damage

Locate the source of water damage in your basement. After this, take pictures to help you monitor the progression of the damage.

2. Inform Your Homeowner’s Association

After identifying the source of water damage, call the body responsible for constructing, maintaining, and remodeling your property. Homeowners associations in Nashville, TN usually offer insurance covering water damage caused by pre-existing plumbing issues and ruptured pipes.

3. Call Your Insurance Company

Depending on your insurance plan, you may be reimbursed for the remediation and repairs. Most homeowners’ insurance plans in Nashville, TN have certain restrictions; therefore, you need to be very detailed when talking to your insurance company.

Note down the repairs they cover to ensure that your coverage rights are protected.

4. Contact a Water Damage Restoration/Remediation Expert

Remediation experts resolve water damage quickly. Most homeowners’ associations in Nashville put homeowners in touch with remediation experts; however, you should ensure that the water damage restoration company is legitimate before allowing them into your home.

Immediate action is crucial when you notice signs of water damage in your basement. Our professionals respond immediately and use advanced water restoration techniques and equipment to rid your basement of water and restore any affected areas. These water restoration techniques and equipment further suction standing water quickly, detect hidden moisture, and meticulously dry and clean your home. Contact Emergency Response Team today for premium water cleanup and water damage restoration services. We are available 24 hours a day and are ready to get to work to repair your entire basement in the soonest time possible.

Preventing Future Leaks and Water Damage

 1. Inspect Your Roof

One of the main ways that water damage can occur in your home is through the roof. Inspect your roof for holes and replace any loose or missing shingles. Also, clean off any ice buildup during winter as ice can melt and seep into your walls when it gets warmer.

2. Do Not Pour Fat or Grease down Your Sink

Pour grease and fat into an empty container and dispose of it. Also, do not put down materials such as eggshells, produce stickers, or coffee grounds. Your pipes will thank you.

3. Monitor Your Water Bill

Take a close look at your water bill. If your usage goes up significantly, without a reasonable explanation, you may have a mystery water leak.

4. Install a Water Detection Device

A water detector alerts you when it is in contact with moisture. It effectively detects slow leaks and high moisture levels that can go unnoticed. Install a water detection device near your washing machine, water heater, toilet, or dishwasher to prevent mold growth and extensive damage.

If your Nashville home or business has suffered water damage, we understand what you are undergoing. Our water damage restoration team will repair your home or business and return it to its pristine state. Even though we cannot replace the items damaged by water, we will do a great job at everything from drywall replacement and carpet cleanup to damage repair, storm damage restoration, room water removal, and mold remediation. At the Emergency Response Team, our greatest satisfaction is providing our water damage repair services to you and restoring your home or business. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Your Professional Water Damage Restoration Company

It can be as minor as a leaking pipe to as disastrous as a flood. Whatever the source, water damage can destroy your floors, walls, and furniture, and cause the structure of your home to sink further into the ground. Failure to address water damage immediately can put your family at risk of electrocution or disease spreading mold. Do not allow your family to fall ill or get electrocuted! Also, do not allow yourself to fall behind on any work projects.

The ERT Team can start damage repair and dry out all affected areas. We can handle all sizes of water breaches from storm flooding to sewage backup. Our goal is to thoroughly suction every ounce of moisture from your room to minimize the risk of baseboard warping and mold. Our professionals also provide specialty cleaning for hazardous materials.

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Call for Restoration Services

We are available 24 hours a day and offer a comprehensive set of options for every type of disaster. Our services are also cost-effective compared to other companies in Nashville; so, you do not have to break the bank to have us help you with any disaster.

Call us today for a free estimate. We will get the job done as soon as possible and leave your room looking like nothing ever happened.